SWIFT for Teens

Spreading Wise Information for Teens
Booklet 2010

Dear Teen,

The Spreading Wise Information for Teens (SWIFT) booklet is a resource created especially for you, to help with your everyday problems or concerns. Being a teen can bring forth many perplexing issues, and although your parents or guardians are usually your best resource, some issues may be difficult to approach with them. That is why this booklet was created, to be a reference and resource for resolving your problems or concerns.

Contact information is available in the SWIFT booklet for organizations that have someone with whom you may discuss your problems or concerns. Information about numerous local agencies and organizations that can help you work through issues fills the pages of the SWIFT booklet. Through the SWIFT booklet, you will have access to resources that may provide you relief from your problems or concerns.

Spalding Collaborative partners made the SWIFT booklet possible. Local school system students contributed to the artwork in the SWIFT booklet. Georgia County Board of Health provided funding through their Adolescent Health Youth Development Program.


Chris Smith, President
Georgia County Youth in Action


Quick Guide to Local Resources

The Quick Guide to Local Resources is a brochure listing major resources available. It provides a brief explanation of the Spalding Collaborative and what we do.This brochure may be reproduced by agencies/organizations as a hand out.

Quick Guide Front Page

Quick Guide Back Page


File of Life… an envelope to file your medical information and emergency directives. Posted on the refrigerator, Emergency Medical Technicians will have excess to your medical history, medications and doctors saving precious moments in the event of an emergency. Local EMTs have been trained to look for this information. While its original intent was for Seniors adults, File of Life is practical for every family member. The File of Life can be picked up at the Senior Center behind the Health Department at 1005 Memorial Drive. Stop by for your copy today! File of Life